Food & Restaurant Photography

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However, food photography is not only about food! Product photography is not only about the product!

It is about creating a visual experience that will stimulate the viewer’s response and senses.

To me, food is beautiful. It has a particular beauty because it connects us in a natural and organic way to the environment. We thrive through food. Our bodies grow because of its nutrients. We connect with each other by eating it together.


“An art which isn't based on feeling isn't an art at all... the feeling is the principle, the beginning, and the end; craft, objective, technique - all these are in the middle.”

— Paul Cézanne


One source of my inspiration comes from still life paintings. Studying Cezanne’s still life masterpieces as well as other impressionist artists influenced my work. I take their inspiration and add a modern twist.

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To design a photoshoot, I first visualize the final image in my mind. Then I arrange and style coordinate all the elements together to obtain the hero shot. I always start with the background, then add the textile, flowers, or any other props. The principal subject is always placed last, to make sure it will pop to the viewer.  I use many different composition techniques, but my most used is the flat lay technique.

It’s a very effective way to create compelling images.

Through food photography and food styling, I strive to meld my artistic vision to the benefit of my client’s project.

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“The longer you look at one object, the more of the world you see in it.”

— Flannery O’Connor

It took only time working with the owner of a restaurant for me to grow my admiration for the field. Preparation and flexibility were the first lessons I learned from documenting restaurants' life and Chef’s working.


Through my work I’ve met incredibly creative Chefs and discovered dedicated owners and employees, all following a precise and concise routine in order to be ready for their clients

I love being the ‘almost invisible’ photographer, capturing the atmosphere of the restaurant and the spontaneity of the Chef’s alluring creations.