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Blossoming Creativity: The Unique Flower series by Peggy Cormary Art

Four years ago,

As the world paused and people sought solace and expression during the pandemic, art found new ways to blossom. I began a floral series that transcended traditional boundaries to create photographic masterpieces. This collection started with the poppy series and evolved into the year of the sunflowers to then tulips, capturing the beauty of these flowers through a lens that transforms them into more than just botanical studies.

The Poppies: A Symbol of Resilience

The poppy series was inspired by the resilience these flowers show, blooming vibrantly even in adversity. My technique captures the essence of poppies through long or double-exposure photography—a technique that they perfected to set their work apart. The resulting images are a dance of color, light, and shadow, imbuing each piece with a sense of movement and life. The photographs in this series are not just images but visual experiences, each poppy seeming to sway with a breath of wind.

The Tulips: Layers of Elegance

Following the success of the poppies and the sunflowers, last year marked the year of tulips in the gallery. Each tulip photograph is a celebration of form, with delicate petals glowing in hues that range from the softest pinks to the deepest purples. This unique technique involves real flowers and a sophisticated play with exposure, resulting in layers upon layers of translucence and texture, which speaks to the complexity and depth of nature's creations.

From Bloom to Room: The Philosophy of Design

The philosophy behind the series is clear: every flower tells a story, and every room deserves an art piece that speaks. Peggy Cormary Art collaborates with interior designers to pick or create pieces that resonate with the room’s character and the homeowner’s style. It’s a meticulous process, akin to cultivating a garden, where each element is chosen to complement and enhance the other.

The Future of Floral Art

As we move forward, Peggy Cormary 's art gallery continues to attract those with an eye for beauty and a heart for storytelling. With plans to explore new floral subjects and further refine their technique, the future promises a continuation of this delicate, yet powerful exploration of flora through the photographic medium.

Peggy Cormary's floral series is more than just a collection of photographs—it’s a body of work that encapsulates the growth of an artist during a period of global stillness. The poppy, the sunflowers, and the tulip series are testaments to the power of creativity and the importance of beauty in our lives. They offer not just decoration for unique interiors but also a source of inspiration and contemplation for all who encounter them.

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